Here is an entry I found in my journal back in 1997 when I was recovering from my brain infection. It had been about a month after I was in hospital and I had moved back in with my parents. Although I didn’t know how powerful this exercise was at the time, what I was doing here was expressing gratitude.  I just knew I had to stop feeling angry and start focusing on some positive feelings.

“I think I will write down some things that make me feel like I’m actually improving:

  • My writing is tons better and looks more normal; the tremor in my hand is gone now
  • I can walk with a normal cane now when I’m inside
  • I can ride for 15 minutes on a stationary bike (my muscles had atrophied so I had to build them up again…)”

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, expressing gratitude is a powerful tool and attitude adjustment. Gratitude journals have almost become trendy – and what a great trend! I love this quote on gratitude by Wallace Wattles in his book the Science of Getting Rich: The whole process of mental adjustment and attunement can be summed up in one word: Gratitude.

This works is because it changes the vibration you are in (we are energy after all). It changes what you are FEELING – and feeling is the word we use to express the vibration we are in. Focusing on what you are grateful for changes the thoughts you are thinking, which changes your feelings you are feeling, which changes your actions and your results.

On days when I feel grumpy or ‘off’ for some reason and can’t shake it, I take out a pad of paper and write down 10 things I am grateful for.  I have a pad for each month of the year and I date it and save it for times when I need reminding of all the wonderful things in my life.  Don’t just write a few things down and move on though – you have to really FEEL grateful. You have to mean it! Soak up how good it feels when you think about these things.

Try it today for yourself, even if it’s just one or two thing to start that you can really feel grateful for: A quite moment to yourself.  A good cup of coffee.  The sun warm on your face.  The long weekend coming up…

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