Do you have a goal? A written down goal? Most people don’t… I’m going to talk about Goal setting over the next few weeks and to kick it off, I’m going to start by talking about dreaming. Not sleeping dreaming, dreaming about your life!

When did you stop dreaming? Why did you? If you are like most people you probably stopped dreaming at about 8 or 9 years old when people started asking you HOW you were going to get what you wanted, make what you talked about, become who you wanted to be. You didn’t know how, and you couldn’t answer the question. Adults listen to little kids big dreams, humour them maybe, but as children get older ‘reality’ sets in.

And so over time you were conditioned to stop dreaming. That doesn’t mean you didn’t have things you wanted to do in your life – of course there were goals and milestones along the way, great achievements even! But if you’re honest with yourself it’s probably been a long time since you really let yourself dream big. To let your imagination go!

 “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

There are limits to how much we can know, but there are no limits to where your imagination can take you, your life, your family, your business. Everything you see around you first started in someone’s imagination. Can you imagine life without a smartphone? It wasn’t that long ago that it existed ONLY in the imagination!

Give yourself permission to dream big again! And if you can’t or it feels uncomfortable, then I give you permission!!

Not sure where to being? Start by asking yourself what your perfect day looks like. If time and money weren’t considerations, how would you spend your time? Hmmm…here come some ideas… But I can’t do that, you say, I have responsibilities, I have a job, kids… ZIP IT! This isn’t about why you can’t do something, or even how you can do it – this is about training your imagination. Finding that excitement, passion, creativity.

Before you go to bed tonight spend 5 or 10 minutes being quiet and imagine your perfect day. If you like to write, get it down in a journal. The first step to real goal setting is using your imagination.

And the next time a little person in your life share one of their dreams, listen, smile and give encouragement – ‘That’s amazing! You sound so excited about that, tell me more!’

Happy Dreaming!

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