Been dreaming of what you really really want?  It can be hard to start doing that again if you – like most of us – stopped dreaming and got down to ‘reality’.  Here are some simple steps to get you started.  I created a short video of these steps on my FB page Hardess Planning where you can see them in animation!

Think of an apple tree growing strong – stable roots, a strong trunk, fertile ground with water and sunlight, and first the buds, then the flowers and finally the fruit.  These steps mirror this idea and show how you can grow the results – the fruits of your own labour of love.  Because if you’re not doing what you love in life, where’s the fun?

Roots – Foundation: What are the values that make you who you are?
Our values help explain why certain things are important to us and provide a foundation for who we are.

Water – Drive: What drives you? Companies talk about a mission.  People need a mission too, a purpose…something that gets you up in the morning, excited to meet the day!

Trunk – Core: What is your Big Dream? Your Vision? What do you really, really want out of life? Give yourself permission to ask this question! Take time and listen to your inner voice. Not more little goals. Be the star of your movie – your movie is your life!

Buds – Phase 1: Setting Worthy Goals.  What do YOU need to do to move toward the vision? Create 1 big personal goal and 1 big professional goal.  Don’t worry about how it will happen, just decide who you want to be and what you really want.

Flowers – Phase 2: Build Your Belief. Read your goals morning and night every day. See yourself on the screen of your mind living your life with these goals in place.  FEEL what it’s life!  I’m so happy and grateful now that…

Fruit – Results: Creating Change. How would this future you think differently, do things differently? Decide to think and act like this person.  Take at least 1 action today that moves you in the direction of your dream.  And then do it again tomorrow and the next day!

Plant your seeds of change today! Here’s a favourite quote of mine, a Chinese proverb “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”

Don’t wait another minute to life the live you’ve already dreamed of!

To your success,

Lisa xo


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