Now that you have a goal, what next? To begin with, you have to start to believe that it is possible for you. That you can be, do and have this in your life.

How to do that?

Start by reading your goal to yourself morning and night. Make sure you’ve written in the present tense – like it’s already here! ¬†Memorize it and say it out loud throughout the day (in the shower, in the car, making dinner…). You have to impress this new idea into your subconscious. Get emotionally involved in it!

Remember how we think in pictures? Spend 5 minutes each morning, and before you fall asleep, seeing your life as it IS with the goal achieved.  Create a movie on the screen of your mind where you ARE the person you want to be, DO the things you want to do, and HAVE the abundance in your life that you desire.

Napolean Hill, who studied 500+ of the most successful people in his day concluded “No one’s ready for a thing, until they believe they can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief and not mere hope or wish”.

Build your belief! Make your goal real in your mind’s eye and get excited about it!

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